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Since its inception, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has been providing traders from all over the world with high-quality financial services since its inception. It is rightfully considered one of the best platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. The mission of the crypto-exchange, according to its creators, is the popularization of cryptocurrency and access to blockchain technology for all segments of the population. This goal and user feedback form a tandem that inspires the company’s engineers to continuously improve the functionality of the platform. We have reviewed the activities of this company and are ready to share the results of our work with you. Brief overview The platform was launched 8 years ago (2011). It almost immediately won the trust of users from all over the world. The creator of Kraken Jesse Powell, realizing the growing prospects of digital currency and the rapid development of blockchain technology, set out to develop a platform for currency transfers, geographically and financially unlimited. And he succeeded! The crypto exchange is adapted for corporate clients of any size, as well as individual speculators of various levels. Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken occupies a good position in the world ranking, being one of the first in the digital asset market. The beta version of the site was tested in 2013. In the same year, it was officially open to customers. The listing of the exchange is replenished annually with popular cryptocurrencies. But the management also does not move away from legislative amendments to ban the anonymity of digital currency, which proves the reliability of the site. The main sections of the official website are translated into several languages, so Kraken cannot be called a localized project. Available in English (British and American), Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Only the main page of the site has been translated into Russian. The overview of the site interface leaves a good impression, as it is both a modern design and a logical distribution of functions and sections. Kraken opens up wide trading opportunities for speculators. Here you will find that trading futures, indices and using leverage can be much more convenient and safer. At your disposal are many tools, functions that optimize analysis and exchange processes.

Kraken Review
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  1. I originally signed up with Kraken when Ripple (XRP) was worth $0.18. As with all exchanges dealing with USA residents I had to submit my information to be able to trade, so I did. A week later, nothing, I messaged them several times. A month later, nothing, I messaged them more. Two months go by and the “Customer Support” agent asked for my information all a second time. Now I didn’t check my email that day, so when I did the following day (only 10 hours after he send the first message) he threatened to close the ticket for lack of response.

    These morons do NOT know how to run an exchange. By the time he finally replied ripple was worth $1.20. I lost out on thousands of dollars because of these idiots.

    I also followed the Kraken forums and several other users have had currency just disappear. Kraken is nothing more than a slowly failing scam.


  2. Very unprofessional to do such a thing I don’t approve. I’ll gladly change my review once shiba inu is listed

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