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The first thing you need to pay attention to when reviewing this cryptocurrency exchange is the specifics of the site in the digital ecosystem. According to analysts, bitcoin is losing ground. Altcoins are created using slightly different technologies, which helps them actively compete with bitcoin. The Stex cryptocurrency exchange focuses on this fact. The company was founded in 2017. Its main office is located in Tallinn (Estonia). Today, the Stex cryptocurrency exchange is a field of activity for 300,000 traders. The interface of the official site is simple and decorated in dark colors. There are many tools to work with, including 400 currency pairs. Official site – translated into 11 languages (including Russian, Thai and Vietnamese). According to reviews, after registering on the site, the desired interface option is connected automatically. By the way, the cryptocurrency exchange has many points of contact with the Asian financial market.

Stex Review
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  1. Do not use stex services, it is the worst site to operate in the cryptocurrency market, it has the worst service and is unreliable

  2. POOR at best. STEX currently owes me over 100 DOGE coin and all thier support says is the answer is ‘not owned by them’, whatever that means and to follow them on social media for updates. Ridiculous

  3. Stex is a scam at best. They always have an extra fee, just to steal your money without giving you dime. Withdrawal fees. Third party fees, late fees. If they decide to freeze your account, you to pay freezing fees. They stole 527k for me. I will forward this to my attorney as soon as possible. STAY AWAY FROM STEX

  4. I generated an amount in Stex and deposited usdt to trade. Once I won, it did not allow me to withdraw money (usdt), only 100 usdt per month. They asked me for an amount to verify, certify and unblock my account. After making the deposit they told me that it had happened to me with the deposit and that the verification was not credited, that I should deposit another amount again (more than twice as much as the first one). The above seems to be a scam model. Currently I have not recovered my investment and it does allow me to withdraw only 100 usdt per month. I would not recommend

  5. Hi, I use the exchange long time. They really dont steal your money. Probably you where trading on 1 of the few scam exchanges who look like Stex. Because they only use trading and withdrawal fees.

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