Website: https://sb-invest.org

Phone: +49 176 1485 9776

Address: Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 6, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Email: [email protected]

About company

Are you ready for a real profitable trading?

The first most successful legal forex broker for your investment. Invest, trade and profit on our exclusive trading platform.

More than 500 assets for trading!

Trade the most popular assets! We offer a wide variety of financial instruments for online trading, making the market available to you, always and everywhere.

Profitable terms

One of the lowest commissions on the market, excellent spreads and low margin.

Trading Opportunities

A huge arsenal of trading tools available to any investor

Trading Opportunities

Large leverage, fast withdrawal of funds and no limits or restrictions.

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3 responses to “S&B INVESTMENTS REVIEW”

  1. David Manning Avatar
    David Manning

    I have known this broker for a long time. For more than a month I have been thinking whether it is worth trading on this site. The reviews are all very different, but I know how they are bought and I can’t really rely on them. I would like honest reviews about the broker, I will be glad to any answer))

  2. Charles Dennis Avatar
    Charles Dennis

    After a month of working with S&B Investments, I realized that they have no experience. A maximum of 11 classes behind their backs, they don’t know how to communicate with customers at all. The goal of their consultation is to get more money out of you. I thought I could lift it normally, but in the end it turned out that the site was complete garbage. Due to freezes and slippage of the terminal, it is almost impossible to make money. Once I went to look at the reviews and caught the moment when the truthful one had not yet been deleted. People write that it is generally unrealistic to withdraw. I am the pennies that I have left from 2500 bucks, I will not even try to withdraw. I’ll just ruin my nerves. I got burned with this “broker” normally.

  3. Paul Garcia Avatar
    Paul Garcia

    These fags breed even pensioners. If you’re reading this, warn your loved ones that S&B Investments is terrible, vile, has absolutely no principles whatsoever. Personally, they called my grandmother, they themselves began to put pressure on the fact that “you can help children, grandchildren by investing only two of your pensions.” My ba and grandfather are very impressionable, they hung their ears and threw off everything they had. I don’t know what they rubbed into them, I only know that they said they wouldn’t return the money, they say the deal went bankrupt. Grandmother is constantly crying, grandfather, on nerves, almost climbed into the noose so as not to be a burden for us. They never took money from us, but now they have to, and it makes them very upset. Please take care of your loved ones!

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