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RoboForex has been operating since 2009 and is regulated by the FSC, license No. 000138/437.

From the moment of its foundation, RoboForex has always been focused on providing best trading conditions using innovative technologies and many years of experience. RoboForex is a financial brokerage company, which offers 8 asset types and more than 12,000 instruments for trading. We’re very proud of a variety of services we provide our clients and partners with, which are of the same quality for all, regardless their experience and amount of their investments.

RoboForex Ltd regulation

RoboForex Ltd is a financial brokerage company with the FSC license.

  • FSCRoboForex Ltd has a special brokerage license FSC “Trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities” under the number 000138/437.The regulator ensures that only the most reliable and socially responsible companies receive the license to operate within Belize and beyond.As a financial market regulator, FSC carries out certification of and control over the market members, as well as guarantees efficiency, honesty and transparency of the work of its grantees.
  • The Financial CommissionRoboForex Ltd is an official participant of The Financial Commission, an international organization, which resolves disputes between its participants and their clients.RoboForex Ltd, which is an “A” category member, also is a participant of The Commission’s Compensation Fund. The Compensation Fund is a service included with Financial Commission membership which provides protection up to €20,000 per case should a Member refuse to adhere to a judgment from the Financial Commission. Starting 2018, RoboForex Ltd regularly undergoes quality auditing review of order execution on the Verify My Trade service, partner of the Financial Commission that provides for objective evaluation of how brokerage companies execute trade orders. Successful completion of this procedure confirms the company’s compliance with the strict requirements of the Financial Commission to its members.
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  1. Frank Soto Avatar
    Frank Soto

    After the deposit was doubled from 300 to 700 bucks, it became impossible to trade with RoboForex! Spreads began to expand for me even in a calm market, then for no reason, swaps that were positive became …

  2. Leroy Fisher Avatar
    Leroy Fisher

    Hello! I wrote my review about Forex Forex! I’ve had enough of everything related to this forex! Without a strong word, alas, no way. Earn your head on the stock exchange and, in the end, finally shit on …

  3. George Vasquez Avatar
    George Vasquez

    I have been trying to make money in the forex market for almost a year now. I tried every possible service. I also tried RoboForexs, and at first I liked it. I invested a little and raised the amount by half, I was glad. Tried to get it out…

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