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About company

O1 Extraordinary People Club is a club where everyone is a superstar⭐️
This is a community of bright, free, open people who live the life of their dreams together.
love. create. Inspire.
The club holds Camp around the world 4 times a year.
Each Camp lasts 2-4 days with a rich program.
To find out the date and program of the next camp, leave a request and our community manager will contact you.

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  1. Lauren Hammond Avatar
    Lauren Hammond

    There are, however, more dishonest organizations. They are engaged in involvement in the team like a financial pyramid. Here they are much more dangerous. I heard that a woman in St. Petersburg threw herself under a train when she could not pay for the new stage of the training.

  2. Evelyn Reed Avatar
    Evelyn Reed

    Recently, high-profile seminars “How to build a business from scratch” are conducted by people who build a business on this. And they can’t do anything else. They teach everything now – commerce, losing weight, writing, speaking, relaxing, reading minds. And for everyone there is a simpleton who will buy a ticket.

  3. Vincent Edwards Avatar
    Vincent Edwards

    I had almost 100 thousand rubles, and instead of properly investing money, I took them to these comrades. At the most, I received monotonous lectures on financial literacy from them, and there were no secrets. The information is almost meaningless.

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