NPPR TEAM Traffic Arbitration Reviews

The main areas of work of our team are Facebook, Google, teasers and SEO. We work with NUTRA offers in CoD, Trial and Straight Sale formats in foreign GEOs – Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East

The other side of the team is the creation of useful services to simplify the work of affiliates, both within the team and outside it.


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2 responses to “NPPR TEAM Traffic Arbitration Reviews”

  1. Yaroslav Novikov Avatar

    The traffic arbitrage service I hired had a lack of dynamic ad optimization features. I couldn’t easily adjust my ad creatives or messaging based on real-time performance data, resulting in missed opportunities for improved campaign performance.

  2. Roman Maslov Avatar

    I had a disappointing experience with a traffic arbitrage service that had a lack of ad placement transparency. I couldn’t easily view the specific placements where my ads were shown, making it difficult to assess the performance and quality of individual placements.

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