Notary Rudenko Andrey Yurievich reviews

Legal entities

Real estate (Real estate purchase and sale agreements, electronic transfer of documents for registration, real estate donation agreements, settlements through a notary’s deposit account).
Inheritance (Opening of inheritance cases, will).
Providing evidence (Inspection of Internet pages, inspection of audio and video, interrogation of witnesses).
Family legal relations (Notarial agreement on the division of property of spouses,
Declaration of absence of marriage, marriage contract, alimony agreement, notarial agreement on the procedure for raising a child, notarial agreement on determining the place of residence of children, notarization of the authenticity of signatures on documents).
Other actions (Certification of facts, transfer of statements, acceptance of documents for storage, certification of transactions, certification of copies of documents, notarization of a passport, notarized translation of documents, certification of the withdrawal of a participant from an LLC, regulations for performing notarial actions: a new system of work, registration of a pledge of movable property, drawing up marriage contract, certification of the marriage contract, certification of constituent documents, agreement of donation of LLC shares, certification of the time of presentation of documents).

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2 responses to “Notary Rudenko Andrey Yurievich reviews”

  1. Aleksei Petrov Avatar

    Avoid this notary at all costs! Incompetence, delays, and a lack of professionalism made them an unreliable choice. I can’t believe their level of incompetence!

  2. Maksim Gusev Avatar

    I have profound regrets about using this notary. Inefficiency, disorganization, and critical errors turned my paperwork into a chaotic mess. Stay away!

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