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Phone: +27 10 753 1177

Address: Unit 203, No. 16 Corner Hutson and Eyre Streets, Blake Building, Belize City, C.A.

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Trade with Confidence

Discover our advanced, innovative and intuitive WebTrader trading platform and trade CFDs with confidence in the most popular and sought-after worldwide assets.

All these available from your favourite browser at any device to take your CFDs trading to the next level.

  • ComplianceInvestMarkets upholds strict industry regulatory compliance requirements, the highest industry standards to ensure a safe and secure trading experience.
  • SecurityAll client’s funds are kept in separate trust accounts with investment-grade banks. Using the highest standard PCI scan and SSL certificate.
  • SupportOur dedicated support team is always available to meet our trader’s needs, working around the clock to provide assistance to our international traders.
  • PlatformsWe offer advanced CFDs trading platforms, our WebTrader and the MetaTrader 4, available to InvestMarkets traders for web and mobile.
  • QualityWe’ve built InvestMarkets on the foundation of delivering the best trading experience to traders around the world. We push ourselves to maintain our standards while making sure we keep offering more to our traders.
  • is operated by Arvis Capital Limited, a Belize Invest Firm, authorised and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company’s licence number is 000307/166.
InvestMarkets Review
3.7 based on 11 reviews

11 reviews to “InvestMarkets Review”

  1. I have been trading with this broker for more than two months. I guess this period is long enough to say concrete things about this brokerage service. I can say that the company does its job well and it doesn’t give me any reason to complain about trading. I don’t see critical lags here that could potentially prevent me from trading as I wish. I came here because of good execution. Some traders I’m familiar with recommended me this broker. They positively pictured its execution – a very important parameter for me because I trade intensively throughout the day.

  2. I have had interactions with Investmarkets and was helped by Tanya. I must say their service is phenominal. They were very quick in sorting out all he issues I did not understand. My payments came in on time and I am exceptionally happy with their service. Thanks again to Invest Markets.

  3. I wanted to stop trading with the company. I requested withdrawal but my money never come back to my trading account. After i got a call from the support team and they explained me the reason of cancellation of my request. I decided to keep my trading account with InvestMarkets. Thank you support team!

  4. For a long time I did not dare to start trading, because it seemed to me that this occupation was not for me, because I am quite reckless and nervous and make decisions quickly enough, and this sometimes leads to not very good consequences. I cannot say that InvestMarkets has become the solution to all issues for me, I am still struggling with myself, but I am definitely glad that there are opportunities and prospects here, and I will study the rest in more detail.

  5. 1. There are opportunities for education – so you can start here without experience.
    2. This company is aimed at long-term cooperation – there are no problems with the withdrawal of funds.
    3. The support service helps to resolve any issue.

  6. I love that this broker provides a convenient Metatrader 4 trading platform. I know a lot about this platform and I was glad that this regulated broker has this software. It is important. As important as a large number of trading assets.

  7. I initially made a small investment with Investmarkets; the market did not go my way however together with the help of an account manager and Tania I saw my way clear and I ended up being a satisfied customer. Thank you to the Investmarket team.

  8. This broker is very suitable for me. To be exact I use it for stock trading. There are many stocks here – the choice of these assets is much better than what I saw with other brokers.

  9. The owner of Investmarkets is Mr. Constantinos Zertalis of Cyprus. He is a local businessman who has been CEO and board member of several international businesses that have been publicly listed such as XAPT and Rafina Innovations. He is listed as owner of Arvis Capital and Forex TB according to registration documents in Belize and Cyprus. The help desk at Investmarkets acknowledged him when I asked for information to be forwarded to him. However, I am not certain whether they did so or whether he chose not to reply.

  10. This is the kind of place nightmares are made of! This is no average trading platform. If you’re into stress, sleepless nights and accelerated heart rate, then this place could work for you.

    Account Managers are just there to confidently give you ‘AMAZING’ bad trades so you deposit more and more money to keep those bad trades afloat. They change every week and each ones job is to give you at least 3 bad trades that cause you a loss of 10-15K usd. Once he’s done that job, there will be a new account manager who will make you deposit more to ‘rectify’ those 3 bad trades and in the bargain give you 3 more bad trades for the next weeks account manager to again work with…… They’ll purposefully flatten out your margin levels so you have to deposit more money so your trades don’t auto close. And they’ll harrass you to deposit money, every day so you dont lose your entire deposit. And wait for it….they will blame you, a complete novice who signed up to learn and from the beginning have been telling them you only want to day trade tiny amounts. When you tell them to go listen to the recordings to see on whose direction the trades were placed, they wont be able to ‘hear’ you.

    The only PRO – The platform interface is quite beautiful but the swap rates are through the roof ….the spreads are wide too. You can accept all that if not for the bad trades they make you take, and they are according to their manager who spoke to me yesterday NOT legally supposed to tell you what trades to take and yet thats exactly what they do.

    The only person I’d recommend this place to, is a foe. And even then, definitely not. Nobody deserves to be cheated of their money. Unscrupulous account managers.

  11. This company is a scam, after reading all the recent real reviews in this site and by judging by the responses to the reviews made by the company it is clear to me that my money is lost for good.
    I invested $5k USD with Invest Markets thinking it was a legit site. Almost immediately after my initial investment, I found really bad reviews, so I requested a refund. Instead of processing a refund, an agent called me to “help” arguing that I needed to make some trades before processing the refund. After 24 hours when I got back to the site all my funds were gone. After almost 4 months they just call offering 1k or 2k back, and just because my case is special and “they wanted to help”, but as I mentioned after reading all other experiences (real reviews) I’m realizing my money is lost.
    Also, after dealing with customer service a lot, I found that the company is based in Belize but all phone numbers are from south Africa (massive phone bills), other reason to be a total fraud.

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