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Huobi Review
1.7 based on 9 reviews

9 reviews to “Huobi Review”

  1. The exchange is generally good, just sometimes the support is not very good, probably because of the language barrier. The withdrawals are fast, and never had any problems with withdrawing from the exchange. Good trading options.

  2. Had some rewards i tried to join, but i was not “qualified”
    Not serious

  3. I am relatively new to crypto and haven’t used exchanges much. I normally buy BTC, ETH or LTC from a convenient Bitcoin ATM. I have a few different wallets for the different cryptos. Anyway, the story with Huobi Global:
    I used the platform once or twice a few weeks ago and successfully deposited some ETH and exchanged to DOGE and to BTC and withdrew my money to wallet and everything went without a problem. Without giving out personal info, just the email registration and it worked fine.
    The other day however, I deposited around 100 Euro worth of ETH and exchanged to XMR and suddenly the platform wouldn’t let me withdraw to my wallet.
    When I contacted the customer service, they forced me to provide a stupid prisoner type of selfie with my ID card and another piece of paper, which felt ridiculous and wrong, but I did it, because I didn’t want to lose my money. Well that wasn’t enough for them apparently, now they want some sort of proof of origin of my ETH because of “abnormal activity”. Which must be that I use a VPN service so that’s why it seems ‘suspisious’ to them I guess. Since I don’t have the receipt from the Bitcoin ATM because I didn’t keep it, I have no way to prove the origin of my crypto and feel like I’ve lost my money forever on the Huobi platform.
    My funds are stuck there from 3 days and it doesn’t look like they’re unlocking my account. I can see my balance, but cannot use it in any way. I wish I had seen these reviews before, but I thought Huobi was one of the main crypto exchanges and since the first time things were fine I reckoned I could trust them again, but that was a mistake. It is fine to get charged fees for exchanging your crypto, but this locking of funds and extortion of personal info is fundamentally wrong. They are thieves and represent everything that crypto was meant to disrupt and fight. KYC and personal info extortion is the path to centralization and control, contrary to decentralization and freedom. Beware and look for other ways to exchange your cryptocurrencies, like atomic swaps. I am exploring these myself. I guess experience is the best teacher so maybe I should thank those crooks. If that happened to me with 150 dollars worth of crypto, I don’t know how people trust Huobi or other centralized exchanges with thousands and more.

  4. Absolute Con!

    I tried sending to a wallet address on Huobi, which was confirmed by Coinbase, Huobi lost it and then when I tried to contact support, I was trapped in an endless loop of automated messages. When I finally got through to support on the chat after 3 hours of trying, I was away from my computer for exactly 2 minutes and they closed the chat!! The cheek! I don’t believe they ever had the intention of fixing my problem. PLEASE AVOID!

  5. How did you get the company you sent Bitcoin to?Because wallet addresses don’t come with names. Even though not a 100% anonymous but you would definitely have a hard time finding the ‘company’’.
    And how did you conclude the recipient is a scammer?
    These and several other questions are running through my mind.
    I can see scam pages promoting scam firms too.
    Y’all need to careful out there. Reach out if you’re ready to recover your lost funds, this might take a week but be rest assured you will be getting back your funds. Hit up Ryanpatric on telegram

  6. Stay away from Chinese fraud
    Stay away from Chinese fraud. They will delete transaction history after they took your fund.

  7. This exchange holds your data at ransom. You can only view your historic trading data for 4 months only. If you would like to download your transaction history for tax reasons you have to KYC take a photo of yourself holding a piece a paper stating what u want. Any other exchange has api where u can access data anytime. Risky sending your personal data to the cloud everytime you want to prepare your tax returns

  8. Don’t try their P2P services. Is a scam and their customer service is useless in solving the dispute. The seller never release the asset.

  9. hi guys, this is a real story. I use huobi with binance as second exchange and earn with my funds. In one time my friend send me from Binance BUSD token on USDT adress in Huobi wallet, this not my problem and this problem my friend. i go to support and create ticket, after 20 email houbi refund my funds, but i need wait more 20 days( Thank for refund and i hope this is post help new user. i am continue ise houbi.

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