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Crypto exchange CoinsBank comes from the UK, or to be more precise, from Edinburgh (Scotland). Previously, it functioned under the name BIT-X. The project was launched in April 2016. CoinsBank specializes in trading Bitcoin and several popular altcoins. Among the available fiats are the euro, British pounds, US dollar and Russian ruble. In addition, on this site you can purchase a prepaid card (prepaid card). The platform is not overloaded with functionality, so the site interface is simple and understandable. Access to trade is open to citizens from 197 countries. However, you will not find any other language other than English here. For greater convenience, mobile applications for IOS and Android have been developed.

CoinsBank Review
1.8 based on 5 reviews

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  1. A 200 Euro charge just to close your account and delete your data should you decide its not for you. I very strongly suggest you consider very very hard before opening an account here. Just to repeat that: 200 Euros must be paid or they hold your account open whether you like it or not.

    Update: 6 months later they decide to make
    It free now and update this review with that info. 15 mins after that this they have a 5 star positive review. How’s that for co-incidence!

  2. COINSBANK does not complete the transfer of BTC via their system, its always shows “under approval”; nothing happens. Seems they want to keep my BTC forever???

  3. I have been dealing with this for already 2 years. What I have received is an excellent service.

  4. I was in the process of this fraud I hope they don’t take the money out as I did give the details but we arranged the payment for Friday but I cancelled it and hoping they don’t take money out…. how can they be sitting there and stealing from us who are struggling and looking to make some money

  5. it si a totally scam crypto exchange people calling you like will give you money banck but rather happens they steal your money by force

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