Business Analytics Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The Business Analytics company offers clients the opportunity to transfer to accounting services all or some areas of accounting and reporting, solving legal and certain management issues.
Our solutions enable clients to significantly reduce costs, improve the quality of reporting and focus on their core business. Our approach – to support the client in any function – provides the best combination of skills and knowledge, resulting in excellent record keeping, organized in an optimal way to reduce costs, increase efficiency and quality.
Our specialists, approaches, technologies, skills are expressed in measurable results and improvements in client organizations. Moreover, we offer clients the knowledge of our people, our commitment to excellence, which helps clients achieve the next level of excellence.
We know and appreciate the trust that clients place in us and we also make every effort to show that the trust is not in vain.

Moscow, st. Vorontsovskaya, 35B bldg. 2, off. 212

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  1. Maksim Smirnov Avatar

    A terrible experience unfolded with this accounts payable service, failing to pay vendors on time and straining our supplier relationships.

  2. Sergey Ivanov Avatar

    Glitches and technical issues marred this payroll software, frequently miscalculating employee wages and causing confusion.

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