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BitForex is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Singapore. Founded in 2018, BitForex supports trading in over 300 instruments. Including cryptocurrency derivatives, fiat pairs, indices, precious metals, raw materials, etc. Also, exchange users have access to a service for over-the-counter trading and an auction of NFT assets. For spot transactions, the platform charges a commission of 0.1%. For transactions with perpetual contracts — from 0.04 to 0.06%. The withdrawal fee depends on the cryptocurrency used.

BitForex Review
3.9 based on 9 reviews

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  1. I stumbled upon the BitForex cryptocurrency exchange on a thematic forum dedicated to making money on the web. Before that, I had no experience in crypto trading, so there were many questions. It’s good that I met one guy who explained a lot. Plus, BitForex provides all the necessary materials for beginners and a demo account for risk-free training. Now I have already withdrawn my first profit of $300. Everything is fine, you can continue to work on this platform.

  2. BitForex has a standard TradingView terminal, but all the necessary functionality is present. Initially, I used the browser version, but recently I installed an application on my mobile phone which is more convenient. For trading while traveling, this is what you need. The wide variety of trading assets are in perfect and complete order. All major cryptocurrencies are present. But fiat is not provided, you cannot count on it. I earned about $10K on this trading platform, withdrew some of my earnings, and left the rest in circulation because I plan to continue cooperation with this crypto exchange.

  3. I have been using the services of the BitForex crypto exchange for only a couple of months, but I have an opinion already. I used to trade on another trading platform, so when I came here I was surprised that there was no call center. I thought that there might be problems when contacting the support team and I would have to wait a long time for an answer from them. Here’s what I can say now: for all the time of cooperation, I have never had to ask for help. The terminal works like a Swiss watch, and there are no questions about depositing or withdrawing funds. I get money on the card easily, and everything is good.

  4. Registered on the BitForex crypto exchange on the recommendation of a close friend. He knew that I was new to trading and would need good support at the start. BitForex is prepared and waiting for you. It has tutorials, including videos, a demo for training, and high-quality customer service. It’s great that there are opportunities not only for independent trading with crypto coins but also regularly updated investment programs, as well as a service for social trading where you can copy other people’s strategies for free and use auto-trading.

  5. IMHO, BitForex is a good option for both professionals and beginners. I started cooperation with this company without any trading experience. Thanks to the support team for helping me figure out some of the nuances. In particular, I liked that for newbies like me there is a convenient service for copy-trading and auto-trading, as well as a demo account. I started with it myself, and then switched to real trade. By the way, good leverage is provided for spot trading, up to 100x. I have not used leverage, as I am not yet confident enough in my strategies and skills. But professionals will definitely appreciate this opportunity. As far as I understand, not all trading platforms offer such leverage.

  6. I will not argue that BitForex is the perfect exchange and that you can’t find a better one. Like any other trading platform, it has its drawbacks. In particular, there is no support for fiats and there is no direct connection with the support team. But I think these are trifles. There are more advantages such as a large selection of crypto coins and large leverage for spot trading. Recently I joined the BitForex affiliate network to receive passive income. Leads go without problems since the crypto exchange is already well promoted and is trusted.

  7. I have not yet decided whether to stay on the BitForex platform or look for an alternative exchange. In principle, everything suits me here, excepting the customer service. Not only was I unlucky with support here, but the company also does not have a call center, so I have to use other channels to contact technical support. Of the advantages for experienced traders, I can mention extensive leverage and an advanced investment program. Plus, the company has provided fixed commissions for both over-the-counter and spot trading.

  8. For a year and a half of cooperation, I have had no complaints about BitForex. I started working with crypto exchanges using MT5, as I had already used this terminal before. However, then I realized that the company’s mobile application is much more interesting. The interface is intuitive and at the same time maximally functional. There are both spot and OTC trading on the site. And one more plus: it has fixed commissions. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other digital currencies are traded with varying success, but in general, the wallet is never empty.

  9. There are no problems with the variety of assets on the BitForex site. The only pity is that there are no fiats. I would like to see at least a euro or a dollar. Although, in principle, this is not a critical drawback to refuse cooperation with this crypto exchange. Trading commissions are fixed and below the market average. There are no exchange fees for replenishment of the account, but for withdrawal there are, but they are quite modest. In particular, for Bitcoin, it is 0.0005. I would say this is the “gold standard” for cryptocurrency exchanges.

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