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Today, it is quite difficult to find a reliable and safe exchange, because scammers are operating with might and main on the Web, who, under the guise of “super profitable offers”, slip a dummy to users. A striking example of such a “kitchen” is Binaryx, from which, apart from promises and high-flown phrases, you can expect nothing. What this company is, what kind of divorce scheme it uses, and what traders say about it in their reviews – we understand all this in our review. Binaryx: a real scam under the guise of a cryptocurrency exchange Let’s start with the fact that Binaryx positions itself as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that provides a lot of profitable offers. But is it worth believing advertising? When writing a review, we decided to look for “pitfalls” in the work of these scammers and, of course, found many inconsistencies. The first thing we immediately checked was the domain. As it turns out, it has been around for over 12 years, and the funniest thing is that the IP address is located in the USA.

Binaryx Review
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  1. When I think of exchanges which develops users trading skills and at the same time facilitates trading, Binaryx hits my mind first. This exchange, Binaryx is a exchange which fits into the trading activities of both professional and newbie traders. It allows both categories of traders trade effectively regardless of their trading experiences in cryptocurrencies. They have a trading-learning academy which enables traders to learn different trading tips to help then while trading. Though it doesn’t have is mobile app yet, it aims to create one. You can leave your email there to get updates on when the mobile so will be released.
    But the website seems to be made by an amateur group of developers because it’s the words used and the style of the website. The customer service team is very helpful and white on Twitter Facebook Telegram and LinkedIn.

  2. Binaryx is an encrypted wallet with an incorporated exchange, it is safe for traders’ portfolio, you can store your crypto and fiat funds to track profits and other activities. It is usable by both technical and non-technical users.
    You can access its services 24/7 from any device both web and mobile.
    Binaryx uses cold wallets to store funds, which ensures the high reliability of the safety of funds with an additional software for confirming of your transactions.
    Binaryx is free to use 100 percent and your can store your digital assets at no fees.
    Binaryx offers various deposit and withdrawal methods in the likes of credit and debit cards , wire transfer via SEPA and cryptocurrency.
    Binaryx is an easy to use interface with support for various fiat currencies are all you can enjoy with Binaryx.

  3. Been a wallet I will like to emphasize more on the security and the team behind the project. Honestly when choosing a wallet for your assets there are key things that you need to consider before choosing a wallet. Wallet in crypto is like a bank where you keep your money for safety purpose. When choosing a bank you can’t just chose anyhow like wallet in crypto.
    It was established in 2019, with the aim of creating next generation of crypto currency exchange. It is officially licensed to conduct trading operations. It was funded by Oleg Kurchenko who happen to be a co founder of youdigital io. With other great mind team behind the wallet.
    There is academy program, that help the new users to enjoy trading cryptocurrency. If you are new to cryptocurrency there are video that will put you through and shows you what you need to know before you start.
    You can buy, sell and keep your assets iin the wallet. You can trade with USD, EUR and UAH and RUB. It support some popular coin like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin cash tether, ripple and promise to add 30 more cryptocurrency soon.
    Taking about security. So much effort have been put on security measures. The spent countless times on cyber security and work wit 10gaurd, multi levels access to files, servet and work station. It has 2 factor authentication and working hard to add other sophisticated security measures.
    All the effort binaryx has put in place makes it worthwhile to pay attention or to consider when chosing a wallet.

  4. Binaryx offers a free and encrypted wallet where we can store and transfer our cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

    We can use our funds at any time, from any device.

    It is protected thanks to the fact that it uses cold wallets for the storage of funds, which gives a good level of confidence for the users who are going to use it.

    They use software to confirm transactions.

    There are no fees of any kind for its use.

    They include several methods for deposit and withdrawal such as credit and debit cards (we can convert and withdraw trust funds), bank transfer (SEPA) to be able to make deposits and payments in seconds, and obviously the possibility of accepting and sending cryptocurrencies.

    In general, the wallet is well used in all the main things that were previously mentioned, however, it is still under development, so we would have to wait in the future to see what happens in this regard.

  5. When we are talking about exchange that develops users crypto trading skills and also make it easier for trading.
    Binaryx exchange was good to trade both the beginners and the experts in traders. It involved all aspect of trade to trade efficiencly base on their trading experience on cryptocurrency.
    You can browse on there services anytime any day with all device.
    And there customer service is very helpful in terms of their user needs, if you call their their customer service attention for any issue you encounter in the binaryx exchange they always attend effectively without any charges.

  6. Binaryx is a well protected wallet which is Incorporated exchange it is very safe to use, they don’t have problem with tracking your profit or loss because it is already being Incorporated. Binaryx uses a well-protected code wallets to store it funds which are surely 100% safety of your fund, you can make use of your credit card or debit card to deposit using the binaryx wallet, binaryx is very easy to use because they support Fiat currency, you can sign up with binaryx and enjoying their service. I think what makes binaryx special is that the security of the wallet is very tight and secured.

  7. Discovering a trade that shows an undeniable degree of responsiveness to brokers is a tremendous reward to each dealer and for that I’m giving Binaryx a five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. The trade permits all brokers to drop their remarks about the trade bugs and this permits all dealers to get an extraordinary help since the trade is submitted towards knowing the difficulties their client experience and not just that, they likewise give answers for shut down such hitch. Security isn’t trifle with on Binaryx,the trade has accomplished this by beseeching the abilities and aptitude of guaranteed and concentrated digital protection faculty who working vigorously to guarantee an ideal and first rate security interface that will make it extremely close for any programmer to get through the trade. The trade Is exceptionally enhanced with tons of highlights and more are as yet coming up soon and there could be no greater method to discuss this,so I recommend dealers give the trade a shot themselves. For the time being the trade must be gotten to through its site on the grounds that there is no portable application for the trade yet, considering the new declaration on the trade a versatile use of the trade will before long be dispatched on the two IOS and android gadget which can be downloaded on apple store and Google play store individually. To find out about the trade you can do your very own examination and furthermore visit the Binaryx trade FAQ (Every now and again Posed Inquiries) for more enquires and further explanations about the trade platform.

  8. Finding an exchange that shows such an high level of receptiveness to traders is a huge bonus to every trader and for that I’m giving Binaryx a five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating. The exchange allows all traders to drop their comments about the exchange bugs and this allows all traders to get an exceptional service since the exchange is committed towards knowing the challenges their customer experience and not only that, they also provide solutions to put an end to such hitch. Security is not take lightly on Binaryx,the exchange has achieved this by imploring the skills and expertise of certified and specialized cyber security personnel who working tirelessly to ensure an optimum and top notch security interface that will make it very tight for any hacker to break through the exchange. The exchange Is very enriched with lots and lots of features and more are still coming up soon and there’s no better way to talk about this,so I suggest traders try the exchange out themselves. For now the exchange can only be accessed through its website because there is no mobile app for the exchange yet, considering the recent announcement on the exchange a mobile application of the exchange will soon be launched on both IOS and android device which can be downloaded on apple store and Google play store respectively. To know more about the exchange you can do your own personal research and also visit the Binaryx exchange FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more enquires and further clarifications about the exchange platform.

  9. in a world where many people are developing more interest in cryptocurrency and other related blocking job I want to tell you about the Great platform that could provide a suitable wallets in which bitcoin or other paper currency can be kept safe, Binaryx is a great platform they offer a free and encrypted wallet for users in order to secure their assets, Binaryx I’ve give a lot of confidence to their uses due to the fact that their service is very consistent in terms of the quality delivery,
    Binaryx platform is very easy to use because they make use of software as the means of transaction you can also deposit with your local bank credit or debit cards, they also makes deposit very easier and convenient for their users.
    Binaryx is a company that you need to watch out for because they are performing well at the moment.

  10. Binaryx is a centralized Trading Exchange based in Estonia. Exchange has acquire license in Estonia to offer their services ans regulated and also has its operating office in Ukraine. Exchange is full of utilities from Instant swapping to fiat deposits. Exchange currently accepts Russia rubble, Great Britain pound and Euro as Fiat deposits through SEPA and other modes. Although Binaryx has quite good and simple graphics but trading cabinet take time to load and need serious attention.
    I would advice users to complete KYC and then they can easily add billing and payment information for easy buying crypto with Bank transfers and Cards. Users can easily create a wallet after completing KYC and access their portfolio and then you will be able offer all the services easily.
    Security offered is good enough to protect your funds with Google 2FA antiphishing code and Email authentication for transfers and login to the cabinet.
    Binaryx currently dont allow too many crypto tokens to trade and deposit and that is big issue that it is loosing users database. They currently support deposit of only eight top crypto like BTC ETH BCH EOS XRP & Tether and couple more and I would like to see more tokens added if they want to add more users to their database. Binaryx has its own academy where new and old users can enhance their knowledge about crypto Industry and various other factors influencing crypto market. Beside this users can show their skills and monetize their trades and can earn good profit by helping others earn.

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