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Payeer has been operating since 2012 under an international PSP license. Provides solutions for accepting payments on websites through a native API and custom wallets for storing funds and settling within the system. The wallet supports major fiats (dollar, euro), popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and others) and their automatic conversion. The Payeer gateway allows you to accept payments in over 150 ways. Transactions are validated via email, SMS, PIN code and Telegram.

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9 reviews to “PAYEER Review”

  1. You don’t want to use this payment system. First, they sign you up on their platform as soon as they see your email, thanks to their partnership with some freelancers.

    I lost $54 to this company. Once your money is on Payeer, just forget it. You will never be able to withdraw it or send it anywhere. Whatever positive review you see about them was either put up by their staff or they paid people to do it.

  2. Payeer is the tricky and shame account if you want to open, fraud on my account and simply said it’s my problem, no reply at all. Seems like they did that fraud or steal your monay. For the fee charge easy to take but for issues no response at all
    I don’t know to whom I should complain even I contacted the Marchant and Marchant waiting for any action of payeer to return my monay but nothing
    You will lose your monay if you open on payeer

  3. That’s what I thought when I registered on Payeer. I’m going to use it as a backup for money withdrawal from the online projects. The service is free. Sometimes, the commissions are too high, but they are fully justified by the quality of the service provided.

  4. At first, the Payer was needed to transfer funds from the site. And now I use this system on a regular basis. The safety of funds is ensured by authentication by phone and email. If you transfer money inside the payment system, the fee for services is minimal, less than 1%.

  5. The attitude to customers is adequate, you can count on the help of support. A reliable system has been around for more than 8 years, so I trust it. The whole family uses Payeer now, it is convenient to transfer, and there are low fees between users.

  6. Each time i try to send out money it doesn’t all me, it always says “WE HAVE QUESTION ABOUT YOUR ACTIVITY. PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT” i tried reaching the support but their haven’t been any reply

  7. A complete waste of time trying to properly set up the account with them. Humiliating and annoying authentication methods more typical of a phishing outfit trying to get as more personal data from you as possible. Be careful!

  8. I am satisfied with the system, as it is convenient to accept payments from customers. There were no data leakage and loss of funds. Everything is reliable.

  9. The wallet works well, I have never observed technical failures, unlike the WebMoney system, where from time to time the money in the account was blocked due to the inoperability of the system.

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