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LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency platform that includes an exchange, an IPO platform and a service for quickly exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat. LATOKEN has been operating since 2017. It is one of the twenty largest crypto exchanges in the world. Supports trading in over 450 cryptocurrencies. Its turnover is more than 300 million dollars per day. In addition, platform users can earn up to 160% per annum on staking coins.

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  1. I will only be happy if this exchange improve their customer support. It is hectic waiting for them to resolve my issues. This make me to stop my trading for a while. I want to resume my trading. They need to sort out all my issues.

  2. They havent send my my withdraw! LAToken is not working well, if you love your money stay away!!!!

    On december 24 2018 i made ETH withdraw and it never came to my account. I have the TxID that you cancelled. I have contacted you more than 30 times but you just say we will check thats all. I did open many tickets one of my ticket number is 9214.
    https://etherscan .io/tx/0x7e331b0b10fd267d5dd6410813c2be13d3c145a61f692e29638676289f1c2a8d

    I also deposited 287 PCO coins in 64 days ago and it never arrive to my account too. Here is the TxID: https://etherscan .io/address/0x840339Fc20Efb45BDcBEc32baD3375fec2246D49#tokentxns

    You are not working well, as all we see i have deposit and withdraw problem you havent solve it, more than 2 months pass. What should i say? What would you do if you were me?? This is not fair as you see! We should not talking this in here but you made it this far. I feel very sorry..

  3. Signed up on this exchange wanting to get some trading done and these guys blocked my account for no reason. No explanation, nothing, and the support refuses to solve it! Stay away!

  4. Hey guys, latoken works fine until it just works fine, so i have been a user of latoken from almost 1 year and suddenly my account with more than 15eth worth funds gets locked, latoken keep giving reply of soon soon, guys stay away from this exchange, it’s only good till it works, when they block you and give you 14f clause of their document which states they can suspend you whenever they like and give response, so stay away guys.
    Edit 1: 16 July,first, latoken didn’t give me any email about me getting banned and also the reason, it was me who saw that i got account blocked and submitted request, still no reason of blocking from their side, been 10 days. so latoken replied that i didn’t comply with schedule 1, guys beware when your exchange starts speaking legal language because according to their legal pdf which they will force on you, it has been said by them they will block your account whenever they feel the need to do so under various circumstances, now what goes on inside we don’t know, so that’s how they ban accounts and tell people to look 14f of their legal pdf and wait for reply while they won’t tell you the reason why account is banned.
    Everything is fine till you blocked, then you can’t cancel open orders, someone can dump on you which happened with me, now here i have not even revealed my email address of latoken but still hey latoken said you didn’t comply with schedule 1, now you guys can see that they are bullshitting so stay away from this exchange guys.
    Edit 2- July 28 : my account is still locked, they keep saying we are looking into it and keep giving me same read pdf on telegram, guys stay away from latoken or you will regret big time when they will lock your account, second i have noticed some of the short liner fake reviews just appeared, i have written all what they do, plus wash trading happens on their exchange in big pairs to provide liquidity so i really can’t see how can they lock someone’s account on the name of holded for legal, i have suffered so much depression because of these guys, so stay away friends.

  5. Tried to log in and all of a sudden I get an alert stating that my email does not exist. Officially have stolen my money at this point.

  6. First I got troubles getting to know how to trade on Latoken, and then it suddenly migrated to new version 😀 that I had to learn again. But … I must say, once you get it, its more easier then before, faster I can say, I like it. Waiting for app, hopefully will be released soon

  7. I thought I got rid of LAtoken when I asked them to delete my account over a year ago but just recently I got an e-mail from them saying they would charge $5/month to maintain my inactive account.

    I then joined TG asking support to delete my account and confirm. They ignore your request and when you persist they tell you soon, within a month. Etc etc.

    I eventually got banned because I wanted it confirmed by e-mail.

    Edit: the person who banned me is Nikita Bolotin or something.

    Anyway, I e-mailed over a year ago. They should’ve deleted my account then. /Edit

    So please for your own good don’t sign up to this exchange!

    Never have I ever had to deal with such unprofessionalism, scammy behaviour.

    They just silence their users and steal their money.

  8. LATOKEN is fraud!
    At the moment they are advertising again with 500 USd signup bonus which you don’t get.
    If you ask in the support nobody knows anything about it. Then they tell about the support no our program gives 50 USd for every new one that makes KYC and 50 usd for the referrer.
    Again, nothing and nothing in the hope that the people will deposit and leave with the money.
    Since cautious we will report it.
    We will report it today to the financial authorities in Europe and Estonia. We will also report it to Russia and to Interpol.
    Press charges against the people if they cheated you and we will destroy them and take them away from the market. Watch out for the LAtoken Airdrops in Telegram who do not pay like LAtoken themselves!
    Fraudsters and liars and please report it to the police and we will start today

  9. Five stars for technical support !
    Fast reactive efficient : Less than 30 minuts to reset my 2FA after I lost my datas !
    All this done with a perfect security !

  10. i have no problem in trading in your flatform thsts true..

    but xrp deposit really some sort of delay or missing..

    kindly fixed this for all of us.. i hope it be credited within the day.. thnksyou..

    but most of all for me your the best flatform that i have traded.. bess regards.


  11. the worst market in the world, the airdrop event is only used to destroy the price of tokens.

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