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Faucet Pay presents itself as a micro-payment wallet that supports transactions for small amounts in cryptocurrency, and a platform for earning. According to the service, users can receive instant cryptocurrency payments from thousands of online platforms and withdraw them to their personal wallet at minimal fees. The official website faucetpay.io is in English. The Russian version of the resource is available with the help of Google translator.
There is no information about the service itself on the site. Where is it registered? Who owns it? When was the platform launched? None of the questions could be answered. The “Help/Support” section contains only information in the question-answer format. It does not include addresses or contacts. The only communication channels available to users are links to Telegram and Twitter social networks.
List of supported coins in FaucetPay
The FaucetPay platform supports the following cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin Cash
The platform promises that over time the list of digital currencies will be expanded.
How to use the Faucet Pay wallet?
To start using the service, you need to register on the site. In the registration form, users provide the required contact and personal information (username, email and password). Also, during the registration process, you must agree to the provisions of the internal documentation – “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”. The documents say that the agreement is between Faucet Pay and WALP Entertainment SRL. What is this company? What it has to do with a micropayment wallet is not clear.
In addition to the possibility of storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies, users have access to various Faucet Pay functions for earning:
faucet collector (more than 600 faucets for each supported cryptocurrency are presented in the list of the platform);
paid viewing ads;
completing assignments and surveys.
The platform also provides a bonus affiliate program, with the help of which, according to the service, users will be able to significantly increase their monthly income. To do this, it is enough to attract new participants to the project.
Limits and commissions in Faucet Pay
According to the information provided on the site, the maximum withdrawal threshold is not limited.
Withdrawal of funds is possible in two ways:
regular output – requests are processed every 4 hours;
priority withdrawal – the frequency of processing applications is 5 minutes.
Each type of withdrawal and cryptocurrency has its own fees and minimum amount for withdrawal. More detailed information on this issue can be found in the “Fees” section.
The main drawback of the project is the lack of any information about its activities (place of registration, year of launch, names of creators). Not in favor of the platform is also the lack of contact details for communication with representatives of the support service. Potential customers need to take into account that the service disclaims any liability, which is stated in internal documents. Feedback on FaucetPay will help you make the right decision regarding cooperation with the project.

FaucetPay Review
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  1. Thanks to this company for is really doing a great job by completing all transfer

  2. I was robbed of 40000 satoshis between this crap from faucetpay and cryptowin, put together with so much effort. So far these thieves came, I hope more people report so they close their page

  3. They keep you on the site making you think you’re going to do well but it is so hard to earn anything above pennies. To cash out they overcharge on the pennies. Plain and simple, there is nothing to be made or earned it’s a waste of precious time. Stupid scams and I don’t know what these people are happy about.

  4. hello admin . why when entering the 2fa code it always fails. even though the code is correct and not in 1 session? why when I want to change coins I always can’t. why ? Why is the update getting worse? I’m disappointed 😥
    please help

  5. Dont waste of time of this GAYS cheaters apps .to the owner of this i hope u read .Be aware of the games that u played here it is fixed …cheating

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