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Crypterium positions itself as a full-fledged mobile cryptocurrency bank, a universal digital wallet and a card for storing crypto money.
According to the developers, the project was created primarily due to the rapid development of cryptocurrencies. This led to the fact that people had more and more savings, which it was not possible to spend or withdraw. Crypterium is a multifunctional service with a set of options and tools for frequent use and business tasks.
The Crypterium platform is engaged in the issuance of both virtual cards and ordinary plastic ones. The virtual version can be obtained in a few minutes for free. It will take several days to issue a plastic card, it is sent by mail.
List of supported coins
The platform supports virtual currencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT). Cryptobank also allows you to use digital assets and tokens of other projects trading on public exchanges.
The wallet works with the utility token CRPT, intended for use in all B2B and B2C products for paying fees in the Crypterium ecosystem. The user can open a CRPT deposit with 21% annual profit.
How to use the Crypterium wallet
There are several sections in your personal account:
Buy – to purchase a specific currency.
Cash out – to withdraw money to a card or payment system.
Send – to send money from account to account.
Exchange – for converting currencies.
Spend – for shopping online, paying utility bills, etc.
To send, you need the recipient’s wallet address and their phone number.
Limits and Commissions Cryptorium
Opening an account is free, as is creating an online card. Issuing a plastic card is also free, but you need to pay for delivery from 14.99 euros. If every month the card is replenished by 299 euros or more, then the maintenance of the account costs nothing. If there are no top-ups or they are less than the marked amount, then you need to pay 2.99 euros per month. The card limit is 10,000 euros per month for online and offline purchases. You can cash out through an ATM per month no more than 2500 euros.
Financial transactions with CRPT are carried out at a commission of 0.5% of the transfer amount, calculation based on the current exchange rate. The minimum amount when buying a token is 1 CRPT.
The Crypterium wallet allows you to store classic currency and digital money in one place, make transfers, pay for purchases, sell coins, etc. After registering on the Crypterium platform, users get access to instructions, tutorials, courses and articles, as well as functionality. Technical support specialists work on a 24/7 schedule.
Before registering, you should read the current reviews about Crypterium.

Crypterium Review
4 based on 10 reviews

10 reviews to “Crypterium Review”

  1. I use Crypterium for several months and everything works well and support always ready to help. I highly recommended 👍👍

  2. I’ve had an ok user experience so far with Crypterium. When I wanted to pull my money as a US based user I was unable to do so and had to pay fees to swap the coin to USDC in the meantime. I contacted them and also never hear back.

  3. Crypterium wallet is easy to use & they continue to add more functions including Earning with farming & Earning with a savings account. Great wallet

  4. One of the best crypto wallets

    I have been using Crypterium for several months now and I have no problem with this wallet.
    it is very easy to buy btc with your bank card or your skrill account and that without charge.
    The only concern I currently have is that Crypterium does not allow me to order the visa crypterium card in my country (Congo, DRC), otherwise everything else is really good.

  5. Excellent way to use your Bitcoin while we are still transitioning from fiat.

  6. Crypterium has always been my best application for crypto currency trading and managing my digital currencies.

    The best of its services is the AI predictive function. Telling you when to swap your coin to another crypto for a safe and profitable trading experience. Much love from Nigeria.

  7. Crypterium is an awesome crypto with great potential. The app is easy to use. As they say: “like a bank
    but for crypto”, and I say “even better than that”.
    Great service! I highly recommend it!

  8. Easy to use, great interface. But since I use it infrequently, Crypterium has high fees.

  9. I honestly should have read the reviews before signing up for crypterium. Worst crypto service that exists out there. First of all, cryptocurrency is supposed to be a decentralized way of spending money. Crypterium is the DEFINITION of centralized. No room for personal privacy at all! I deposited $1000 after successfully verifying my identity, to my surprise I was bombarded with documents to send since they found my activity “suspicious”. Everytime I send them the documents they requested, they reply back requesting even more. This has been going back and forth and the issue as of today is STILL NOT RESOLVED. These theives lock your money as soon as you deposit and wont even allow to refund you the money you just paid!!! I asked them kindly if they could cancel the transaction and return my money so I can buy from another exchange and they refused. Stay away from this business at all costs.

  10. Terrible customer support service!
    I used my debit card to purchase crypto and the payment from the bank side was successful but I haven’t received a single crypto in my account.
    Contacting support since a week now and no one cares.
    Zero effort from the support + technical team for customers.
    Still hoping I get my money back but looks like I will not.

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