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Binance Review
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  1. After 5yrs of service…

    Yesterday I received a message that my account was being terminated as it was flagged by a third-party compliance tool. When I asked who this third-party is or what terms where violated they refused to say anything more then this.

    I had to get my funds off. Luckily I was in time to do this, but I couldn’t do any trades to swap to btc. Resulting in losing a whole afternoon in single handed withdrawing all my coins to another exchange.

    This is nothing short of outrageous, unprofessional behavior the likes of which I have never experienced in a corporate setting before.

  2. I would give it zero but had to give it 1. TOTAL CON, DO NOT GO THERE.

    Absolutely awful, a total con, do not do it. Very easy to deposit money from your bank to buy various cryptocurrencies. Impossible to withdraw the money back out. You need to know things like the “network name” and the “crypto address” to send your money to. It is all very complicated and I don’t have a clue about any of this. It’s impossible to find out. There is no customer service. Impossible to phone or email them to find out how to get your money. The “Live Chat” is just a list of FAQs that do not actually answer your question. Tutorial videos just go way over my head. I just thought it would be a case of putting my card details in and clicking “withdraw now”, how wrong I was. Luckily I only invested £45, but that is now lost forever it would seem. The company have the pretence of being an ethical company and responding to concerns etc, but the reality is that it is extremely crooked.

  3. Suddenly very difficult to withdraw funds:
    Binance no longer supports my credit card for withdrawing my funds in AUD.
    So I tried to send my crypto to another exchange.
    But I found that Binance had auto-converted my stablecoins to their special one which the other exchange doesn’t support.
    So this became very difficult and complicated, despite the fact that I had tested all of this functionality a year or so ago.

  4. The best and very reliable to me, have never had any issue for over two months I started using them.

  5. Bought my first bitcoin with them since last year and have been holding and trading slightly with ease, it’s really a user friendly platform platform as long as you are a little tech-savvy.

  6. They deactivate customers accounts for no reason. My account with them was recently deactivated without any explanation. All effort to get support look into this proved abortive. I’ve always been a loyal customer on the exchange for 5 years now and I have never violated any of their terms and conditions. They just feel the need to cut customer off for no reason. Bad exchange!

    Case ID 98211935.

  7. Hi , Binance user for a couple of years. Verified , always do small transactions(usually my parents sending me money bcs it’s difficult to do transfers between countries) never had any problems , so I started to trust Binance and rely on it. One month ago I had some financial issues and my parents sent me money as a New Year present. I converted my money to EUR (not a really big amount) and tried to do SEPA withdrawal on my verified bank account like I always do. But this time it doesn’t work and my money is blocked in my account and I can’t do anything with it(no transfer,convert etc). You want to know why? Like a support member from Binance explained to me it’s because at this moment they have a problem with their partner – Paysafe who is responsible for all SEPA transactions. And till this problem will be resolved they can’t do anything about it ,all I can do is just wait. So they have technical issues and they didn’t even annonce it anywhere to prevent a situation like this. It’s been one month now. Still same generic replies from support team – “You need to wait more but we don’t know why and how long”. I find it’s irresponsible for brand and company like Binance. I think I will never use their services again and I hope one day I could get my money back. So think a couple of times before using them for any operations. Case id: 98810472

  8. without any reason they have restricted my account and infact they are not even giving any information
    simpely saying we cannot provide you our service secondly infact there was no trade taken neither a deposit or withdrawal into the account and being told that we cannot provide u any service. strange to know as well. upon asking we can give information to government agencies not to you if required, thats all.

  9. Binance is considered a safe exchange. It has Low fees and Great analytic tools. its advanced options and powerful tools will keep advanced traders happy.

  10. They disabled my account without any explanation!!!
    I can’t believe that, however I’m glad not to be their customer with this manner of customer service.

  11. I got binance crypto card, i think its perfect visa card for crypto holders

  12. So, an electricity bill dated December 23rd 2022 is more than three months old? Its less than a month old. You cant even do simple maths. Forget it ill use someone more competent.
    UPDATE: so now I have to jump through hoops to get it fixed. Have to leave an offline message. It’s just way too much hassle. You should hire more staff or inprove your systems. I was going to buy £50k of BTC but now I’m just frustrated. Fix your crappy system. It wastes everybodies time.

  13. Unfortunately, I have been unlucky enough that my mobile phone with my authenticator is destroyed. I have therefore installed Google authenticator on my new mobile phone, but I cannot access my binance account even though you have received all kinds of documentation previously, driver’s license, passport, bill, health insurance certificate, even got a picture of me. all that you got when I registered on binance, (BUT now I CAN’T get in) it says I can reset my authenticator, BUT THEN I HAVE TO BE LOGGED INTO MY BINANCE ACCOUNT! It is only the authenticator that is the problem. it writes all the time: Incorrect 2FA verification code! I need support from you so that you can give me the opportunity to reset so that I can use authenticator on my new mobile.

  14. Binance temporarily halted my withdrawal without email notification. They mention sending an email, but no email has yet arrived. How can we solve this problem? I have contacted customer service 10 times in the past 24 hours, but no one is able to assist me. Here is my query for Binance: Is this the definition of a secure platform where you can at any time create a cash flow problem for your client? Most recent conversation: #99790566

  15. They let me open account. Let me put money in. But for two and a half years they’ve asked for verification and failed me every time with the same paperwork that they allowed to take my money. They are thieving crooks and if you put money in there they will steal it. They are criminals, have nothing to do with it unless you want to be robbed.
    They are thieving crooks and the only good reviews they have on here are fake. You’re better off setting fire to your money than giving it to these criminals. Have nothing to do with it. I’ve lost my money, don’t lose yours.

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